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  • How to connect your TV to an Ethernet port on an iOS device

    USB plug outlets are becoming increasingly popular, with companies like LG, Asus and Panasonic already offering the ability to plug into the devices, and the iPhone’s Apple TV is one of the few devices with a USB-C port.Now, it appears that the Apple TV, along with a number of other devices, are also able to […]

  • How to Remove a Spark Plug from a RC12YC Spark Plug

    article By replacing the spark plug on a RC18YC battery pack or RC12KC battery, you can prevent damage to the electrical circuit, resulting in a spark plug being disconnected.This article explains how to disconnect the spark plugs on the RC12 and RC18 motors.This video shows how to remove a sparkplug on the motor and see […]

  • The Google Smart Plug plug Play

    Google announced its smart plug Play plug-in today, a Google Play Store exclusive, that lets users plug a Google device into the Google Smart Play.The smart plug plug play allows users to take a picture with a Google photo-viewing app, or turn a phone or tablet into a smart home device, all while charging with […]

  • What are the pros and cons of plugging in an auto-Lite spark plug?

    This article is about the auto-lite sparkplug, a new type of plug that plugs into an ignition system.If you have been stuck on the wrong side of a dilemma because you were looking for an auto lite spark, this article may help you to solve your problems.Auto-Lites are plugs that are inserted into the ignition […]

  • This

    is about the plug-in electrical outlet for the smart home.article The term plug-ins is often used to describe devices that allow users to plug in devices via the internet and then control their electronic devices from within the device.The plug-outlet that is currently the most widely used is the one that allows users to connect […]

  • How to Use the Brown Mucus Plug

    Plug in a pair of ear plugs, one with a brown mucous plug and the other with a regular one, and you have a handy way to remove the excess of ear wax that’s clinging to your ears.The brown mucuses plug, also called the “ear plug scupper plug,” works like a small extension cord.The cord […]