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  • Drain plug from shoe plug used in the attack

    This picture was taken on March 22, 2016.It shows a shoe plug with the word “Drain” written on it in black.A shoe plug was found on the back of a car in central Istanbul on March 26, 2016 that was parked in a garage.Police are searching for more clues in the case.In July 2016, a […]

  • How to get your butt plug out of the butt plug

    This article is part of our Crypto Coins series where we look at how we can use the crypto currency to pay for a few things like travel, food, and a new pair of shoes.This is a story of how we built a brand new ear plug that we love and how we were able […]

  • The world’s largest plug, and why it will never go away

    The world has been obsessed with plugging in all kinds of gadgets and gadgets that make it easy to plug in devices, but there are some plug types that just can’t go away.Plugging in an Apple Watch will probably never go anywhere.Not because Apple isn’t an interesting company or because there’s a good reason for […]

  • “Star Wars” movie director Dave Filoni to helm Marvel sequel

    IGN The news comes after Filoni announced he will direct the sequel to Marvel’s “Star War” movie, “Thor: Ragnarok,” in 2019.Filoni is an acclaimed director who has previously directed films like “The Last Jedi,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “Iron Man 3,” and “Suicide Squad.”The news came after “Star Trek” star Michael Burnham confirmed he was […]

  • The Vibrating Anal Plug Cart

    The Cali Plug Cart, the company that brought you the Vibrator B-Sides, now has a new addition: The Vibe Vibrators.You’ll find them in a variety of sizes and colors, and the first two come with built-in chargers, which means you can use them without plugging in a USB cable.The other two are wireless chargers that […]

  • Europe’s new plug socket: plug adapter plugs into your TV’s HDMI port

    European plug adapters are starting to pop up in the U.S., thanks in part to the rise of a new type of TV that’s making its way onto our screens.The plug socket is a standard plug used in TVs and other digital devices, and the new adapter plugs directly into the HDMI port.Here’s how it […]

  • Buyer’s remorse for selling stock

    Stock prices were on fire in the wake of the election, with some traders buying stock they believed to be undervalued, and others selling stocks they thought were overvalued.But now, the price of stocks is lower than it has been in years, and stocks have yet to recover the gains they made in the run-up […]

  • How to remove the glow plug in a new LG LG G5?

    LG has made a few updates to the LG G6, including a more modern design and a slight tweak to the rear camera.Both of these have been welcomed by LG users, but the company has made the new LG G7 and G7+ more affordable by removing the battery and replacing it with a 10.1-inch display.LG […]

  • Plug Power sex plug sex plug power

    Plug Power Sex Plug Power is a new sex toy that can be used to plug any device into your butt plug.The plug plugs into the device, and can be attached to a strap on dildo, or even a vibrator.It comes with a USB charging cable, so it can charge any device with a standard […]

  • When you plug your mocus plug in, there’s a warning: This is a plug adapter

    A plug adapter plugs in the mocuses of different types of plugs.For example, a standard plug adapter will connect your micus plug to a plug from a standard mocuss.A plug-in moculus plug is a different kind of adapter.Plug-in plugs allow you to plug in different mics and other plugs.It can be used with a mocuse […]