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  • How to make a giant butt plug out of a toilet

    If you want to make your toilet look like an enormous butt plug, you can’t just stick your head into it, you have to make it a bit larger than the rest of it. This video shows how you can do just that.It involves using the toilet’s toilet seat as a plug and then bending the […]

  • The latest mugs for 2018: The Mucus Plug and The Tail Plug

    It’s a bit hard to believe this one’s been around for nearly 30 years, but the mugs that have been released since 1990 are still selling for an astronomical price.Here’s the rundown on the moustache mugs, from the smallest to the biggest.

  • How to replace a spark plug wire in a car,

    article In the new car, there’s a spark connector on the headlight.This connector plugs in the plug to the battery, and it gives the car a little boost.When the car is in motion, it also gets some electrical charge.When a spark goes out, it doesn’t have enough energy to charge the battery.In most cars, a […]

  • Wifi Plug in Fortnite: This Amazeballs ‘Awesome’ EarPads

    The Fortnites’ earpads are awesome.They’re just as fun to wear as the other gear.If you like playing with your ears, this might be your bag.There are two different sizes, the regular size and the smaller one.The regular size is for use with a Bluetooth earbud or earbuds and the larger one for use as earbuddies.These […]

  • Why your 7-way plug looks so weird, according to TechRadars 7 way plugs

    TechRadalar’s readers have been complaining for weeks that their 7-ways plug looks a bit weird.The problem seems to be that most of them have plugs with “8” and “9” connectors.However, they do have “7” and “+” connectors, which is why they look like they’re a 7-in-1 plug.So why are 7- ways plug plugs so odd?Read […]

  • FourFour Two: The keratin plugs you can use on your swimming ear plugs

    TwoFourTwo is Deadspin’s home for everything foursquare.Read moreFiveThirtyEight is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news, analysis and commentary designed to help people take control of their lives and improve their lives.Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.Read the terms of use here.

  • Cali Plug, Nema Plug: Which Plug is Best?

    Cali plug: The plug is a kind of a mini-nema.It’s the most popular of the Cali plugs.It works the same as a regular nema, and it works well in both a home or office.The most popular Cali is the Nema plug, which is a bit bigger and more expensive than the Cami plug.There’s a little […]

  • How to change your Denso spark plug for better performance

    I have a Denso Spark Plug and it is one of the best plug I have ever owned.I am happy to report that its now the envy of many. If you have a plug like mine, then you are familiar with the different options out there.You can change the spark plug shape, or simply use the […]