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  • What you need to know about spark plugs for lawns

    As the number of lawns in the country is steadily increasing, it’s important to understand how the plug works, which plugs are recommended and what they can and can’t do.We’ve taken a closer look at some of the most common plugs on the market today, from the older to the newest. Read more

  • UK plug socket tool: ‘You can make it your own’

    UK plug sockets are used to connect plugs to the wall or other electrical appliances.They come in three main types, each with a range of different specifications.Each plug socket comes with a plug adapter and is supplied with a wire, wire cable, plug cable and plug wire to plug into the wall outlet.These plug sockets […]

  • How to get your butt plug replaced with an iPhone app

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new iPhone and decided to install the new iPhone app called Butt Plug Love.The app is a great way to show off how your iPhone is plugged into your body, and it was a lot easier to install than I anticipated.The interface for the app is slick, […]

  • Which is the best Spark Plug Wrench?

    The Spark Plug Tool has long been a favorite among hobbyists.But it has also proven a challenge to developers and hobbyists, who want to get creative with its power.Ars Technic has put together this list of tools that can be used to plug in your Spark Plug, such as the Spark Plug Wirecutter.And if you […]

  • NHL Players on Twitter: The most common plugs on their skates

    There are two types of plugs that can be plugged into a hockey stick: one that has a hole in the middle and the other that is a hollow cone.The hollow cone plugs are popular with the NHL because they can be used in situations where a puck is hitting the ice at high speed […]

  • How to use the princess plug to connect to a Mac via USB

    A new plug has been designed to allow Mac users to plug in their iPads, iPods and Macs using a USB cable.The Princess Plug, developed by Swedish software company, Princess Plug Inc., lets you plug a Mac into a USB port, and use the iPad, iPod or Mac to plug into a PC or TV.The […]

  • Which is better for you? – The cervical mucous plug or the dryer plug

    By now, you’ve probably heard of the cervical mucose plug, which is a very popular product for dryers.It’s made from a soft plastic that is attached to the end of a small metal bar, which then can be pressed into the cervix.This is very helpful in reducing pain and swelling, especially if you’re not having […]

  • Teen butt plug

    Teen butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular among teens, with the trend becoming more common in recent years.The Teenage Erotica Network has posted hundreds of images of teens playing with the plugs.There are also a number of adult versions of the toy available, such as the adult version of the Teenage Pussy plug, which features […]

  • I had a plug plugged in movie

    A little over a year ago, I was sitting in my office as my wife and I sat on a couch reading.My wife was telling me about her experience with a new TV that plugged into the wall and was connected to a USB port on the TV.I hadn’t even heard of this until I […]