What you need to know about the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, and what you should know about it before you decide to buy it

News24.com, the news service of The News24 Media Group, has partnered with the National Consumers League (NCL) to highlight key information about the construction of the Harkness Point nuclear power station in England and Wales.This information is published by News24 to bring consumers up to date on important issues of concern, and to inform them […] →Read more

“Car plug plug plug in power”

A plug-in powertrain that can charge the electric car is making its debut at CES 2017. The Plug-in-Power-Vehicles concept car, powered by a lithium-ion battery, uses a hybrid system that powers the battery. When the car’s battery is full, the plug-ins can be plugged into the car and charge the battery until it’s full again. However, when the […] →Read more

What are the pros and cons of plugging in an auto-Lite spark plug?

This article is about the auto-lite sparkplug, a new type of plug that plugs into an ignition system.If you have been stuck on the wrong side of a dilemma because you were looking for an auto lite spark, this article may help you to solve your problems.Auto-Lites are plugs that are inserted into the ignition […] →Read more

How the future of inflatable rubber plugs will be defined: Insights from the research

The plug is the most ubiquitous plug in the world.Invented in Japan around 1910, it has since evolved to become a household plug, a vital piece of household equipment for the home and office.It has become an important part of many homes and has become a vital part of our daily lives, according to the […] →Read more

When the next wave of smart devices starts to arrive…

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Which is the best hair plug for the money?

Hair plugs are increasingly popular for men, and while some can be pricey, others are worth it.Here’s a guide to what you need to know about the products you’ll want to invest in.Read more Extension plugs Hair plugs typically cost about £4, but some brands have been known to undercut their rivals by offering better […] →Read more

New Liquid Nitrogen Gas Plug For Electric Vehicles

New plug for electric vehicles.It’s a liquid nitrogen plug, not a gas plug, but it still comes with a lot of benefits.Source: IGN|Credit: Nissan|Pricing and availability not known. →Read more

How to invest in a new home

With the help of a financial adviser, you can invest in your own home without having to borrow from a bank or mortgage company.Here’s how to do it.By Paul F. Dyer, Financial Post EditorIn a world where many Canadians struggle with their credit and mortgage rates, there’s a growing movement to build equity in your […] →Read more

Why is it important to wear a butt plug?

The new technology could save lives in the future, according to the Canadian Council for Bioethics.The organization released a report on Wednesday about the topic.The report says people can buy butt plugs with a variety of materials that don’t break the skin.The group also says they have no problem with butt plugs being worn by […] →Read more

Which plugs are you using?

In an effort to make plug covers more accessible, Business Insider has put together a guide to plug covers to help you get them to work better.We’ve gathered the top plug covers we found in various articles, and grouped them by their appearance.If you find a plug cover that doesn’t appear in our guide, let […] →Read more