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  • Which USB plugs are most popular in the US?

    Plug-in adapters are the latest, and perhaps most popular, product to be offered by the US manufacturers of USB devices.They are a cheaper, smaller, more compact alternative to USB hubs, and are more common in Asia than in the United States.But the US plugs aren’t nearly as common as the Asian counterparts.A recent report from […]

  • Which movie is the best?

    I’m not going to make an argument about the merits of The Matrix Reloaded, The Dark Knight Rises, or the Terminator franchise, all of which were pretty great movies in their own right, but there’s one film that really stands out as one of the most memorable and beloved in the genre: The Matrix, which […]

  • How to tell if a plug is ear-plugging

    Plugged earplugs have a bad reputation for causing damage to your ears and earbuds, but this week, researchers at the University of Michigan found that there’s good evidence that plugged earpluds do in fact cause damage.The team tested about 1,000 ear plugs and earmuffs over a two-week period, and found that more than half of […]

  • How to get the best plug in light review

    Plug-in light bulbs can get a bit pricey, but if you can find one that will perform like a premium bulb, you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting a good bang for your buck.The best bulb I tested was a Spark Plug Light (SPL), which costs $99, but it’s also pretty easy to replace […]

  • How to replace your electric dryers

    The most important thing to remember when replacing an electric dryber is to be aware of its limitations.This article will show you the best way to replace an electric wet-dryer.Read more about:

  • Amazon’s ‘Audible’ podcast is the biggest deal in tech history

    Amazon is going after the audiobook business with the Audible app, and now it’s taking aim at Apple’s iTunes and Spotify as well.The new streaming service, called Audible, is designed to give consumers access to hundreds of free audiobooks from some of the biggest names in the industry.Amazon says it has over 300,000 audiobook listeners, […]

  • The Plug-In Air Filter That Won’t Fade

    Plug-in air filters are a great alternative to the typical filter.They’re simple to use, offer better coverage, and offer a much higher level of filter protection.But they can also become a little pricey, especially if you’re new to the hobby.Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right filter.1.What is a plug-in filter?A plug-ins filter is […]

  • The Best Smart Plug That You Can Buy Today

    Plug the smart plug in and you’re ready to go.The device can be connected to any wireless network and provides a great deal of convenience and privacy for your devices and friends.If you’re using a laptop, you can also plug the smart card in the same way.Smart card: USB-C Smart plug: Lightning-type Smart card plug: […]

  • When do you get the spark plug replacement for your car?

    The spark plug is one of the most commonly used and commonly used tools in modern automotive repair.It’s often used to remove the plastic spark plug housing from the ignition switch in cars and trucks, and to loosen the ignition coil to free up the gas pedal.But if you’re looking for a new spark plug, […]