• Which EU plug adapters are you missing?

    Plug adapters are widely used in the EU.They allow devices to connect to one another and connect to power.But for a long time, plug adapters have only been available for the US.That’s because the US was unable to set up and support interoperability with Europe’s standard.This is now changing.The European Union’s European Parliament is debating […]

  • Which plug ear plugs are the best, according to wax plug users?

    After hours, the wax plug is a favorite of wax enthusiasts.It’s a flexible, heat-resistant, waterproof earplug with a removable base, which makes it ideal for wax casts, as it can be easily washed and reused.If you’re a fan of the wax itself, though, there are a few other options to consider.Here are some of our […]

  • Which country has the biggest cash flow problems?

    A new report by Deloitte has found the UK’s cash flows are the second worst in the world for a second year running, as it struggles to pay its debts and has a cash crunch.The firm’s research shows Britain’s cash balances of just over $US1.2 trillion have been cut in half in the past 12 […]

  • What you need to know about a ‘Mucus Plug’ on YouTube

    If you’ve ever wanted to feel your butt plug, the MucusPlug has you covered.The plug, designed by the same guys behind the popular oil drain plug, is a little bit more than a plug, with a hollow body, a removable cover and a rubber hose that goes into your anus.It’s a little less invasive, but […]

  • I want a Zoysia Grass Plug Cover that fits my home

    I am currently a resident of Delhi, India and it is the place where I love to visit.In the summers, my favourite place to go is a nearby beach, where I can take pictures with my family.But for my home, it is quite hard to find a suitable cover.So, I was delighted to find Zoysias […]

  • How to plug a wood plug after hours

    When you plug your wood plug into a woodworking table, you’ll notice a slight “tickling” sensation.It’s called a wood splinter and it can cause problems for the wood you’re plugging.The wood splinters can be a serious problem if you have a problem with a wood floor, and they can also be an issue for woodworking […]

  • New male butt plug is the answer

    By Tim Farrar, Staff WriterWhen you’re looking for a butt plug that won’t hurt you, you’re likely to come across a plug or two.But what about those that are a little more advanced?There are several types of male butt plugs, and they all come in different shapes and sizes.Here’s a look at what you need […]

  • How to Get a $25,000 NASDAQ Plug-in That Says “BOO!”

    Now Playing: The future of tech: Can the Apple Watch become a better, cheaper way to monitor your health?Now Playing:’We want to get our own Nest thermostat, but it’s not working out’ – Forbes tech reporter Now Playing’:Why the Apple Store may be the best place to buy a new Apple Watch Now Playing’Penthouse’ actor […]

  • How to use the mucus plugs in your bathtub to clean your house

    A popular bathtub plug can be a lifesaver for anyone who has a sensitive skin or is a fan of the moustache.The mucuses are made from an adhesive that absorbs water and keeps moisture in the skin.If you have a sensitive, dry skin, it can be hard to keep your skin moist.And for those with […]