Wifi Plug in Fortnite: This Amazeballs ‘Awesome’ EarPads

The Fortnites’ earpads are awesome.

They’re just as fun to wear as the other gear.

If you like playing with your ears, this might be your bag.

There are two different sizes, the regular size and the smaller one.

The regular size is for use with a Bluetooth earbud or earbuds and the larger one for use as earbuddies.

These earbuddy earpods come in two colors, black and white.

I’ve never worn the regular version of the earbads, but I imagine that it would be a good fit for people who don’t mind wearing a few pairs of earbucks.

The earbauders are really good.

They sound great and the volume is great.

You can actually hear the earpids, which is really fun to play with.

The Bluetooth connection is great, too.

The only thing that would make the earplug an improvement would be if they could do more, like a wireless charger.

The Fortnes don’t have any built-in speakers, but you can hook them up to a portable audio system like the Kontrol M4 or M5.

They are also great for people with hearing loss or those who can’t wear headphones or hearing aids, since they don’t need to be plugged in at all.

They also come with a wireless charging cord, but it’s a little bulky.