Diamond Butt Plug ‘Fouled’ and ‘Spark Plug’ Meaning: Plug meaning is not a noun

A Florida teen is facing child abuse charges after he allegedly used a sex toy to “foule” and spark a plug meant for his family’s bathtub drain.

The boy was allegedly seen on social media wearing a pair of “diamond butt plugs” in a video that was widely shared online.

The video, which was posted to a Facebook page called “Proud Boy,” showed the teen, identified as Isaiah L. Smith, using a sex doll, an electric butt plug and a toy with a small plastic body.

Isaiah Smith, 18, was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first- and second-degree child abuse and child endangerment in the case, police said.

He is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

According to the Miami Herald, Smith has reportedly been “liking” the “Passionate Boy” Facebook page, where he had posted a series of videos of himself posing with toys with sex-themed names.

Smith’s mother told the newspaper her son was “out of control” and was trying to “force” a toy in her daughter’s vagina.