When a little bit of magic gets you to the hospital, it’s smart plug-in time

A little bit is always better than nothing when it comes to a plug-and-play device.

But a little extra magic can make life easier for some people, like those who want to use their smart devices as an outlet to take a nap or to keep their family busy.

The good news is, if you can’t find a good outlet for your smart device, you can always find an outlet for some magic. 

One of the most popular, if not the most successful, magic plugs are smart plugs.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from small, portable ones to larger, more powerful ones.

But while many of these devices come with a few basic features, most have a few more tricks up their sleeve to make them even more useful.

Here’s a look at the best smart plugs on the market today.1.

The SmartPlug A smart plug has a simple, sleek design that’s easy to attach to your smart phone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

It’s available in three colors, and you can find the right one for your specific needs. 


The Black SmartPlug is a compact, low-power plug that can be used with many other smart devices.

It has an integrated light bar and can be plugged into most smart phones. 


The Pink SmartPlug uses a small, light-up button to make the plug easier to see when plugged in.

It is compatible with most smart devices and can also be used to power up your smart home or other devices. 


The Blue SmartPlug also has a small light bar that is included in the box. 


The Yellow SmartPlug has a smaller light bar on the back, but it comes with an integrated button for quick access to the power button. 


The Green SmartPlug can be a bit difficult to see at first glance.

It comes with a smaller button that sits on top of the light bar, so it is easier to look at than the Blue SmartPump. 


The White SmartPumps have a small button on the bottom of the plug that doubles as a power button, which can be turned on and off. 


The Red SmartPumped is a more powerful plug, but its not as easy to see.

It can be placed on top and will dim the light and light up the light bulb when plugged into the wall outlet. 


The Gold SmartPumping can also function as an internal power source, and is compatible even with many smart devices, including some that don’t include a wall outlet and many smart TV sets that don�t include an internal battery. 


The Purple SmartPumper is the most versatile and can turn your smart devices into a source of light, making it the perfect companion to your home theater system. 


The Light Up SmartPUMP has a bulb on the front that allows you to dim the lights in your room.

It also has an LED light bar in the middle that can glow and dim lights in any room. 


The PowerUp SmartPUMPS is a simple plug that allows for easy access to power.

You can attach it to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device that has a USB-C port. 


The Wireless Power Up PowerUp has a button that can connect to a wireless charger, and it also has the ability to turn on and turn off the lights at the same time. 


The HomeSmartPower can be connected to a smart device or can be charged by a wall adapter.

It requires a wall plug and will power up any smart device in the room. 


The SmartPlug for the iPhone has an easy-to-read light bar. 


Wearable SmartPumps are also popular, but they are not a household product.

They are meant to be worn by a person with a disability, or by an elderly person who needs a little help with daily tasks. 


If you need a light for your bedside table, you should also check out the SmartPamp.

It will dim up to 300 lumens (about 1,500 watt hours) on a single charge, and can even be used for dimming up a lightbulb to dim an entire room.