How to get a furry buttplug for your dog

DOGGERS can now get the ultimate in furry butt plugs.

They’re getting them from PetSmart and Petsmart.

They come in the size of a baseball cap, and they’re made with the fur of a furry bunny and an alligator.

The furry plug comes with a special silicone base that looks like a tiny, floppy pillow.

You’ll need to place it on the furry bunny’s butt.

Then you’ll have to put it on your dog, and it’ll just slide up and down.

Petsmart’s bunny butt plug will fit a 10-pound cat, a 10.5-pound dog, or even a small toddler.

PetSmart says its rabbit butt plug “is ideal for small pets that are more prone to pawing and licking.”

It has a “slightly larger base” than PetSmart’s.

The bunny butt plugs are available in a variety of sizes.

Petco’s rabbit butt plugs will fit an 8-pound to 15-pound pet.

The rabbit butt is available in three colors: purple, yellow, and black.

They will cost $4.99 for a rabbit butt, or $6.99 if you buy two.

Petmart’s rabbit plug will go for $8.99, or you can buy one with a silicone base.

If you have a rabbit, you can get a rabbit pad or rabbit pillow.

Petting zoo rabbits are also available in petting zoo, which can cost anywhere from $1 to $5.99.

The petting zoos rabbit buttplug will cost you $4 to $6, depending on the size.

Petshop and Petco also sell a rabbit plug, but they don’t come with a base like the rabbit butt does.

You can get these by buying the rabbit pad from a pet store.

Here’s a picture of what you can expect.

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