How to use the princess plug to connect to a Mac via USB

A new plug has been designed to allow Mac users to plug in their iPads, iPods and Macs using a USB cable.

The Princess Plug, developed by Swedish software company, Princess Plug Inc., lets you plug a Mac into a USB port, and use the iPad, iPod or Mac to plug into a PC or TV.

The Princess plug is currently only compatible with iPads running iOS 7 and newer.

A plug-and-play adapter is also available for Macs, but the plug is more expensive.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Princess plug CEO Jens Andersson said the plug would allow the company to make money by charging for a cable, which could potentially bring down the cost of the plug.

“With the Princess Plug plug, we have built a new plug that allows you to plug a computer into a standard USB port on a Mac or a Mac Pro,” Andersson wrote in the statement.

When you plug your Mac into the Princess plug, you will be presented with a simple icon, similar to the icon on an iPad.

You can then select “Connect” to plug the computer into the device, and a short pop-up window will open.

While there are several different plug adapters on the market, this is the first to support the Princess plugs in a plug-in mode.

It’s unclear how long it will take for the plug to become more widely available, but Andersson hinted that the company might release a plug for Mac Pros in the future.

AppleInsider contacted Princess plug to get its thoughts on the plug, and will update this story when we get a response.