The Vibrating Anal Plug Cart

The Cali Plug Cart, the company that brought you the Vibrator B-Sides, now has a new addition: The Vibe Vibrators.

You’ll find them in a variety of sizes and colors, and the first two come with built-in chargers, which means you can use them without plugging in a USB cable.

The other two are wireless chargers that work via Bluetooth.

The CaviPlug carts are currently available at Cavi, Amazon, Walmart,, Best Buy, and other major retailers.

You can order a CaviVibe for $20 on or by emailing [email protected]

The company claims the Vibe models are the first to include a built-to-order USB plug adapter, which will help ease your life when trying to recharge.

The product also comes with a magnetic rechargeable battery, and you can pick one up for $30.

The Vibes are also available for $39.99 on Amazon.

And, the CaviTricks have been making noise for quite some time.

Their $29.99 plug adapter will get you started quickly.

Cavi and the CadiPlug are not alone in bringing vibrators to the masses, as a handful of other companies are also making their presence felt.

The most popular, and least well-known, vibrators are The Vivid, by Dildo Factory, and Vibrant, by Vibrated.

You may be familiar with both from their short-lived foray into the mainstream with the Vivid Vibe and Vivid Nipples.

Both of these toys, however, are not for sale in the U.S. and don’t ship to the U, Canada, the U’th, or South America.

The only countries where you’ll be able to buy the Ciri and the Vibs are South Korea, Mexico, and China, though you’ll also be able buy the ViriVibe, ViriTricks, and CaviCodes.