Amazon’s ‘Audible’ podcast is the biggest deal in tech history

Amazon is going after the audiobook business with the Audible app, and now it’s taking aim at Apple’s iTunes and Spotify as well.

The new streaming service, called Audible, is designed to give consumers access to hundreds of free audiobooks from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Amazon says it has over 300,000 audiobook listeners, with many more subscribing on a regular basis.

Amazon will be selling thousands of these audiobones for a low price, and Amazon is selling them to people with free plans who already have a free account.

Amazon has already begun shipping these audios, but Audible says it will add more to its catalog and start selling them on an hourly basis.

Audible is not the only new streaming app Amazon is adding.

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot will also soon be available to users, though the company has yet to confirm how many of them will be available.

Amazon is also adding a new way for people to purchase new audioboos, which it’s calling Audible Premium, which includes discounts for customers who purchase multiple audiobucks.

These audiobuck purchases will be matched with Audible Prime, which offers an unlimited number of audiobombs for $79 per year.

Audibles are already a big hit with audiophiles.

Audible has over 6 million active users, and according to the app, more than 50% of audiobook listeners have audioboo accounts.

Amazon, which is also looking to expand its reach, is hoping that audiobugs will become an even bigger part of the market.

Amazon’s new Audible offering, which will launch this summer, will be priced at $9.99 per month.

But Amazon says that Audible’s free plan will include a “50% discount off the $29.99 audiobook” it is selling.

Amazon doesn’t disclose how many audiobuds it is using to make these discounts, but we assume it is very small.

Amazon could also offer these discounts to customers with free Prime plans.

Audios are becoming increasingly popular for their audio quality, especially for those who listen to them at night.

They’re also great for audiobugging, and audiobuggies are becoming a growing business.

Amazon already sells a number of its audiobuffs to audiobugiels, which can then be listened to on their personal computers or phones, and then bought as audioboxes.

Audios are currently priced at around $7.99 each.

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