What you need to know about a ‘Mucus Plug’ on YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to feel your butt plug, the MucusPlug has you covered.

The plug, designed by the same guys behind the popular oil drain plug, is a little bit more than a plug, with a hollow body, a removable cover and a rubber hose that goes into your anus.

It’s a little less invasive, but the silicone plug is definitely the way to go.

Mucuses are the perfect way to feel like you have your buttplug in your anus and you’re not a complete creep.

There’s nothing like an MucousPlug plug for a great butt plug experience, and you can even use it in tandem with a butt plug.

There are many different versions of the Mocs.

They range in price from £7 to £25, depending on the style.

We recommend you buy one that’s more comfortable, as it has a removable sleeve that you can remove for anal stimulation.

We’ve got a complete guide to buying and using Mucs and a lot of them will work with a variety of people.

It may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for people who enjoy anal play and want to feel their butt plug in their anus.