Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ earphones are still pricey but the tech’s new line-up is more than affordable

The latest Apple earphones, which cost around $600 each, offer a different kind of comfort and sound than the company’s earlier earphones.

Apple’s new earphones use a slightly thinner material, and they have a curved shape that offers a better grip and feels better in the ear.

“There’s a new design and the ear pads are thinner,” said David Leopold, a senior director of technology marketing at Apple, at the unveiling.

The new earphone is called the iPad Pro, and it’s made by Apple’s Beats brand.

While the Apple earphone line is now mostly made by Beats, the new earbuds are made by AudioQuest, a company that has made earbud headphones for several Apple products.

It’s unclear whether the new Apple earbuses will come in black or gold.

The new headphones were unveiled on stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, and Leopolds said they’ll be available for $299.

If you want a cheaper earbuddy for $300, you can also get a pair of Beats headphones for around $180, Leopols said.

For the full Apple event, watch the video above.