How to use the mucus plugs in your bathtub to clean your house

A popular bathtub plug can be a lifesaver for anyone who has a sensitive skin or is a fan of the moustache.

The mucuses are made from an adhesive that absorbs water and keeps moisture in the skin.

If you have a sensitive, dry skin, it can be hard to keep your skin moist.

And for those with oily or acne-prone skin, a sponge can be difficult to use.

The sponge is usually placed in the bathtub’s base and then the plug is held in place with a piece of string.

The plug is then pulled out to be washed or brushed against the skin and it will remain in place.

The plugs are available at most health food stores, but a popular option is the Mucus Plug.

They are made of an adhesive made from coconut oil and are available in the health food section of health food retailers.

To clean your skin, put a sponge into your shower, bathtub or showerhead.

Then brush the mousse onto the skin, and then rinse with cold water to wash off any soap residue.

Rinse the sponge with hot water, then pat it into your dry skin.

Wash the mouses off with soap and water.

Then wash your face with water and shampoo, using the mousses sponge to clean off excess soap residue and water residue.

Clean your skin with a clean cloth, wipe away excess mousse, and rinse with warm water.

You can also use a sponge on your hands to remove any soap from your face and hands.

Wash your face, hands and face area with water, using a sponge to remove excess soap and wash off residue.

Use the mugs to wipe away any soap, rinse off any remaining soap residue, and wash any excess residue from your hair.