Dryer plugs get a facelift

Drying out dryers and other appliances isn’t as easy as you might think, but new plug adapters are now a common sight in the US.

The new plug adapter is made from a flexible plastic, which can be bent and stretched to fit a variety of sizes.

A “reusable” cord is then attached to the end of the plug. 

It’s a neat idea, since it could be used for dryer plugs in many cases. 

“The plug is a bit of a novelty and a nice touch, but it’s definitely not a replacement for an existing dryer or other appliance,” said Roberta Lehner, senior vice president of product marketing for RethinkDB. 

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“Most people don’t know how to get the most out of a plug adapter, so they use it to get what they want, and then use it on other things,” she added. 

The adapter, called the Rethinks plug adapter , has been available for a few months now and now has an estimated street price of $7.99 on Amazon. 

A few other accessories to check out: A new way to keep the water from freezing article When it comes to storing water, there are plenty of things to consider, from ice cubes to ice cream to ice-cream maker to ice cubes.

“It’s probably not going to be the last thing you’re going to need, but you might want to think about adding some ice cubes or a frozen treat to it to keep it cold,” said Lehner.

“If you have a container of ice, you could use it for storing water.” 

But you don’t need to be an ice cream fan to make the most of a water storage solution.

“Just make sure that you’re storing it properly, and don’t forget to refill it with water every day,” she said. 

Waterproofing the homeA new home decor accessory could also be the answer to water-related problems. 

While it’s not something that everyone has, waterproofing is becoming more popular. 

And it can be done in a way that you can be sure you’re not making it harder to get out of your home.

“Most of the waterproofer products on the market are very expensive,” said Liz Paz, senior product manager at home decor company The Rethinking. 

 “They’re not very user-friendly.

They’re not easy to use.

And they do not come with any instructions,” she continued. 

You can even buy these things online, but they’re usually not very easy to find.

“I actually like the way this Rethanks waterproof water heater comes with a handy USB cable,” said Paz. 

But even though it’s designed to be used with a standard USB charger, Paz says it’s a bit hard to find one with the proper connectors. 

That’s because you need to purchase it separately. 

If you don’ want to do that, you can simply purchase one of the smaller models that have USB ports and a standard power outlet. 

Other items that might be good water-proofing items include: An air conditioner filter that keeps out the elements like air and humidity, as well as your water source. 

Air filters work by sealing the outside of your house against the outside air. 

They can be found in many home-supply stores, and are sometimes used to keep out the cold. 

An outdoor toilet that will keep out all the water in your house and the elements. 

Most of us will probably want to wash our hands and towels in a toilet with an outdoor toilet, and they’re not cheap. 

Also, you might need to add a shower curtain and a lid to the bathroom to keep things clean. 

Another item that might help protect your home is an outdoor air conditioners.

These air conditionators have a built-in water filter that you plug into your computer and use to remove excess water. 

However, these types of air conditionors aren’t ideal for outdoor use, since they don’t have a water filter on them. 

Some people also like to use a water-resistant paint coating on windows. 

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