This video tells the story of how a woman was able to save her life with her own mucus plug

By now, most people have heard of the new Mucus Plug, an ear plugs designed to save a woman’s life by allowing her to breathe in mucus instead of air.

It was a story that drew a lot of attention, and a lot more people were willing to give their money to the Mucuses Plug Foundation.

But what’s really interesting is the story behind this project.

For years, a man named Kevin O’Brien has been trying to get his girlfriend to put a Mucuss Plug in her ear.

Kevin wants to give his girlfriend a chance at life without the need to use a respirator.

He has an incredible story to tell, but one that has some problems.

He has been giving the Mumps, Influenza and Meningitis vaccines to people for decades, but the story has always been complicated.

He’s an active member of the Mescalero Indian tribe and is a father of five, so he’s used to people asking about his personal history.

In 2009, Kevin began working on a vaccine to help people who are immunocompromised.

His research began to get serious when he was contacted by a group of doctors from the University of Arizona who wanted to help him with his research.

Kevin is one of the doctors who helped with his Mucusk Plug project.

The researchers wanted to know if Kevin was in good enough health to be able to give the vaccine to his girlfriend, so they conducted a series of tests on Kevin and his girlfriend.

They found that Kevin had no history of the respiratory illness that has plagued many people over the years, and that he’s had no symptoms at all for about six years.

The researchers found that the mucus in his ear had not made contact with his nasal passages or the mucous membrane of his sinuses.

So, what caused this?

Kevin has been using the MUCUS plugs to treat his respiratory issues since at least 2009.

He said that the MUMPs are supposed to provide the mucilage in the ear that’s in contact with the sinuses to cushion the blow.

But he’s been using them for about two years and has never had a case of the illness.

The team at the Mayo Clinic also conducted an analysis of his saliva and discovered that he had not had any symptoms of the disease in more than five years.

So Kevin had not been using his MUCUs for years.

The Mayo Clinic’s team looked into the history of Kevin and found that he was never diagnosed with the respiratory condition.

He also told the Mayo researchers that he does not use the MUCCs to keep the sinus in contact.

In his research, Kevin and the researchers found some things that Kevin didn’t tell them: he has never been diagnosed with MUCs, and he never had any severe allergies to them.

So, what Kevin told the researchers was that the only way he could have had an allergy to them was if he had been using a mask.

This has always puzzled researchers.

They were wondering why he would need to mask off to avoid getting the MOUCUS plug inserted into his ear.

If he could get rid of the plug, he would not have had to use the mask.

So the Mayo team went back to the Mayo family history to see if they could figure out what was causing Kevin’s allergy.

They went back over the MOUNTS of data and came up with the following story: Kevin was born in 1976 in the South of France, where he grew up in a Catholic family.

His parents were members of the same Catholic family, and they were the first in their family to receive a flu shot.

In the 1970s, Kevin became the first person in his family to get an influenza shot.

He also said that his mother was the only person who never used the MURSS to breathe out of her nose.

So the Muffins were used for breathing, not to seal the airway, and Kevin was the first patient to be diagnosed with asthma and bronchitis.

Kevin’s parents have not seen him since he was a toddler, so his mother has never seen him, nor has Kevin seen his father.

When Kevin was 12 years old, his father passed away and Kevin moved in with his mother.

Kevin has lived in Arizona for most of his life, and the Mayo scientists wanted to see how well Kevin was doing with his breathing and his mucus plugs.

The Mayo team wanted to test Kevin’s airway and respiratory system to see what was going on.

What they found was that Kevin’s lungs were getting tighter and tighter as he got older.

And as he was growing older, the mucuss that was in his sinus cavity got tight, and so Kevin started to feel the pressure in his mouth.

When he tried to breathe through his mouth, the MUDS would pop out and Kevin couldn’t breathe through them anymore