Google’s YouTube will not be a pay-per-view competitor to Netflix

Posted September 09, 2019 14:16:18Google is rolling out the Google Play Movies service in Australia, following a successful launch of the service in the United States last year.

As the first of the country’s Netflix-style subscription video services, Google Play offers access to the same movie library as its competitors including Netflix and HBO GO, with the added bonus of unlimited streaming to Android devices.

Google Play Movies is free to use on Android devices, and is also compatible with Apple TV and Apple TV Pro.

“With this service, we’re adding more than 1,500 movies and TV shows to the Google Store,” Google Play Australia CEO Peter Smith said in a statement.

“That means that anyone who has an Android phone or tablet can access these titles in the Play Movies app.”

We’re very excited to add these titles to the Play Store and are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix in Australia.

“Mr Smith said Google would also offer a paid subscription option for users of Apple TV devices, while Apple has launched a dedicated Google Play TV app for Mac.

Google will also offer content from Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus in the US.