Trump vows to fight Trump’s ‘sad, dangerous agenda’ with a new campaign video

Trump is using his final week in office to push his divisive “America First” agenda, using his executive order to ban travel to the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim countries.

Trump on Friday signed an executive order temporarily halting immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries, with many of the restrictions on refugees and other immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

The new order will be implemented by July 10.

Trump said in his executive action that the order is necessary to prevent terrorism and protect Americans.

The order also imposes a 30 percent tariff on U.N. merchandise that comes into the U: the largest in history.

Trump, a New York real estate developer and businessman, said he wanted to protect American jobs by banning people from Syria and Iraq, which have large Muslim populations.

The ban on Syrian refugees, a move Trump made in June, has sparked protests and protests in the U.

“As I announced the new policy, we were going to ban people from seven countries, and we are going to stop the flow of people coming into our country.

And we are not stopping them from coming into the United States, because we know that we have no idea what’s going on,” Trump said in a video released Friday.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new executive order.

The State Department said the order would not affect U.K. citizens.

The United States also did not have a specific ban on people from the seven countries.

But the executive order, which does not have the power to implement the ban itself, will likely have immediate impact.

The new order does not include any specific steps to enforce the ban, including the use of U.

Ns border patrol agents.

Trump said the Us Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would be allowed to carry out the ban on its own.

The president has said the travel ban was designed to stop “radical Islamic terrorists” from entering the country.

The White House has not provided details on how it would be enforced, or how long the ban would last.

Trump has also taken to social media to encourage people to boycott retailers, restaurants, banks and other businesses that do business with the Muslim-majority countries, which include Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Trump also has been pushing for a temporary ban on Muslim refugees.

The administration said Friday that it would work to ease the restrictions in the next few days.

Trump is set to meet with lawmakers and the leaders of the Senate and House on Friday.

The Senate is set for a Friday vote.