Two Leafs fans die after being electrocuted while trying to plug in to power their cars

The city of Toronto is asking residents to be careful when plugging in to the power grid after two people were electrocued while trying the same trick to plug their vehicles in.

A video of the incident was posted on Twitter by a user calling himself @bob_larson.

“When we were trying to connect my Ford Fusion to my home wifi, I tried to plug the battery into the fuse box, but I couldnt because I was a little over-excited,” the man said.

The video shows two cars connected to the same power source and one of them suddenly electrocutes itself.

The other car is apparently a Tesla Model S, but both cars were parked in a parking lot at the time.

As the video shows, the victim is seen lying on the ground with a long black cord wrapped around his neck.

Toronto police say the man who recorded the incident said he was at home with his family and was not aware the batteries were supposed to be plugged in until he went to work.

There is a special exemption for electric vehicles that allows them to be used only on the city’s grid and only when it is fully charged, Toronto police said.