How to make fashion-forward clothing without buying a new pair of shoes

Wired’s fashion plug: “Why You Shouldn’t Buy a New Pair of Shoes.”

The story was inspired by a piece on the site by designer and entrepreneur Sarah E. Hwang, titled “Why Should I Buy a Second Pair of Shorts?”

Hwang is a fashion designer and co-founder of her own company, The Shorts Collective, which is a clothing boutique based in Brooklyn.

In the piece, she outlines why you shouldn’t buy a second pair of underwear, and the reasons why.

“The second pair is an extra pair that you’ve bought in the past, which means that the price tag of the first pair is significantly higher,” she writes.

“If you buy a pair of shorts, you’re paying $15 more for them, but you’re also giving up something you want more than anything: you can still get the same fit and feel of the original.”

She says this “extra” money comes at the cost of comfort, since you’re not buying an item that’s going to be used often, which “increases your risk of getting wrinkles and fading.”

It’s a compelling argument, and it’s backed up by data.

When we spoke to Hwang last year, she pointed out that the second pair she bought “wasn’t the best of either,” and she said she didn’t use it as often.

That’s because she had a bad experience with the first, and her new pair has a better fit.

(She did find it comfortable, though, when she was using it in an interview.)

This article was updated with the latest news on the case.

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