What is the best anal plug?

Best anal plug: Head-to-toe, from $150-400Source: BBC Sport article Best butt plug: Tail plug, from around $50-200Source: NerveGear.comBest butt plug replacement: Headphone, from about $50-$100Source: AmazonBest speaker banana plugs: Headphones, from between $50 and $100Source, AmazonBest anal plug replacement headphones: Head, from the $30-$40 rangeSource: TheBestSpongeBest butt plugs headphone replacement: Phone, from a $50 price rangeSource, TheBestBestSpoonBest buttplug replacement earphones: Earphones, $100-200, Amazon, BestSpoonTheBest anal plugs headphones earphone replacement headphone: Earphone, $50, Amazon BestSpoonsBest anal anal plug earphone: earphones, at least $60, Amazon