Microsoft’s Alexa smart plug adapter lets you plug in a standard USB adapter

Microsoft announced its newest smart plug adapters on Monday.

The new accessories, which plug into an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, add Alexa support for those with compatible devices.

These smart plugs include a USB-C 3.1a Type-C connector, a 1.8-inch USB-A charging port, and a HDMI 2.0 output.

The Amazon Echo can also be used as an Alexa speaker, with an Amazon Echo Dot and a similar Echo Dot with a built-in speaker.

Microsoft said the new plug adapters are designed to be more energy-efficient than existing plug adapters and can deliver up to a 15 percent saving.

The plug adapters also include USB-B 3.0, a standard for plugging in external devices that can charge your computer, mobile device, and TV.

These plugs also come with a 2-year warranty.

Microsoft’s new plugs have a total of $14.99.

Amazon’s first smart plug came out in 2016, and Microsoft said the plug adapter was one of the most-requested products from the company.

Microsoft has not yet announced pricing for the new accessories.