Watch: An ‘unorthodox’ oil plug plug for sale

Oil plug.

It’s like a small electric guitar that plays music.

The plug is made by an Australian company called Energous Oil Plug.

It has an unusual name: it’s called the Shameless Plug.

“We think it’s really funny,” Energys marketing manager, Lisa Wirks, said.

“I’m not sure it’s actually an oil plug.”

The Shameless plug is a small, white oil plug that plugs into the wall outlet of your home.

It is used for lighting and water heating.

Energies website says it “loves to play music, especially rock, jazz and blues”.

It says the plug has a built-in microphone that can record and play back your favourite music.

The plug is only for a short time.

When it is plugged in, the microphone can record a message that says “This is a ShamelessPlug recording”.

The plug comes in three colours: light blue, pink and white.

There is a second plug for $5, and the third plug for an extra $3.

The Shame plugs are not made by Energics.

They are made by the Australian company, Electromechanical Systems.

Energys’ marketing manager Lisa Wirs says the Shame plug was designed for an Australian consumer who wanted to “make music in their home”.

“The Shamelessplug is designed to be a very low-cost and versatile device, so it can be used anywhere in your home,” she said.

When a Shameplug is plugged into your wall, it can record music for up to 15 seconds.

It can also record music and play it back.

You can hear a recording of a song, but not a recording made by it.

Shameless plugs come in three different colours: black, light blue and pink.

Electromechical Systems says it uses “the lowest possible noise emission”, which means it can cut out any unwanted noise.

There are two versions of the Shoules plug.

One version is for $14.99 and the other is $18.99.

A Shoule plug is not a plug.

They come in different colours.

Everton is one of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry.

It makes the oil plug.

The company sells oil and natural gas oil and oil-based products.

Eversionon is based in Queensland.

In March 2018, Energised sold its oil and electric plug business to the Australian firm, Electronechanical.

As part of the deal, Electrons parent company, ETS Industries, is to be acquired by the Chinese-Australian Chinese Petroleum and Minerals Corporation.

An Energists spokesperson said ETS had no comment on the sale.

This is an unorthodox oil plug, but it has an interesting name, Lisa.

It will play music for you.

It works well, too.

Ets spokesperson, James Condon, said the plug is sold to make it easier for consumers to find the plug they need.

He said it is easy to find oil plug in the shop.

“It’s not that hard,” he said.