How to connect your TV to an Ethernet port on an iOS device

USB plug outlets are becoming increasingly popular, with companies like LG, Asus and Panasonic already offering the ability to plug into the devices, and the iPhone’s Apple TV is one of the few devices with a USB-C port.

Now, it appears that the Apple TV, along with a number of other devices, are also able to connect to the Apple HomePod’s USB-A port.

Apple’s new USB-G ports are still listed as “only for HomePod” and only for Homepod models with the “Apple TV Remote.”

The Apple Homepod is one model with a dual-port port.

The HomePod is one reason Apple’s HomePod accessory is so popular.

But the other reason is because the Apple’s iOS devices also have USB-M ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices to your HomePod without having to switch to your Apple TV.

As the iPhone and iPad maker continues to improve its Apple TV lineup, the need for USB-L ports has grown, and we can only hope that Apple will bring the same with the next iPhone.