Which plugs are you using?

In an effort to make plug covers more accessible, Business Insider has put together a guide to plug covers to help you get them to work better.

We’ve gathered the top plug covers we found in various articles, and grouped them by their appearance.

If you find a plug cover that doesn’t appear in our guide, let us know in the comments below.

To get started, head over to Business Insider’s Plug Cover Guides to find out which plugs you can get to work faster.

To help you find the best plug covers for your budget, we’ve also provided a list of best budget-friendly plugs for your next trip.

Here’s what we’ve found:We’ve collected the best budget friendly plugs for every budget, but the plug covers on this list are specifically designed to be budget-conscious.

Some of the most popular plug covers are also available for the most budget-minded users, including:These are the most common plug covers found on the market today, but there are also a few budget-focused plugs you may want to consider if you’re looking to save a few bucks on your power supply.

These plugs are often found in budget-priced units, and if you do decide to go with one of these, make sure to keep in mind that they have a higher power consumption than the standard plugs they’re replacing.

If your budget is on the higher end, consider a couple of different types of plug covers.

There are also cheaper budget-optimized plug covers available.

To see which budget-based plugs work best for you, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what we found.

The cheapest budget-compatible plug covers will often have lower power ratings, but they’ll also be more likely to work with your current PSU, so you’ll be able to keep your current plug in the case.

We tested the cheapest budget rated plug covers and found that they had a power rating of 2.4W, which is the most you can expect from a budget-specific plug cover.

These are budget-approved plug covers that can be used on any PSU, but if you plan on upgrading your PSU, you’ll want to keep the cheapest model as your budget-sensitive plug cover and use the other model for your main power supply when upgrading.

If you do upgrade, you won’t be able use the cheapest plug cover on your PSU as it’ll only be rated for 2.3W.

These plug covers were the best option for a budget conscious user, but you may find them to be a bit pricey if you decide to upgrade.

This is because they require a little more work to install and install them, and they’re more expensive than other budget-safe plugs, but at the end of the day, you’re going to be able save a little bit more with these.

These budget-rated plug covers work well on all PSUs, but we found that the pricier ones could be better for certain users.

They’ll work great with an Intel or AMD motherboard, but their price will be higher than the cheaper models.

These budget-adjusted plugs work well with most budget PSU types, but unfortunately the more expensive ones aren’t as easy to install as budget-level ones.

If your budget allows you to use one of the cheaper budget priced plugs, these will be your best bet for keeping your power cord in the same place.

This is a budget friendly plug cover with a 2.5W rating that you’ll find on many power supplies, and it’s also a budget model that works well with some high-end and budget PSU models.

This plug cover will work well for most of the PC gaming enthusiast, as it will fit into most cases.

If this is your first PSU, this may not be the best choice for you.

The plug covers aren’t very sturdy and will need to be replaced often, but that’s OK as long as they’re in the original case and the power cord isn’t damaged.