When is a teen buttplug OK for a teen?

An 18-year-old man has been found guilty of criminal damage after he smashed his 14-year old girlfriend’s butt plug while she was asleep in her bedroom.

The court heard how the girl had been in a relationship with a 20-yearold man for two years.

A jury found the teen guilty of two counts of criminal damaging after a six-week trial in Leeds Crown Court.

It is the second time in two years a man has faced a similar charge.

A jury at Leeds Crown Prosecution Service in January convicted a man of criminal touching, two counts each of criminal wounding and criminal damage to a woman.

The first was handed down in May 2016, after the man, from St George’s Crescent, Leeds, was convicted of assault by beating, with a weapon.

Last year, a man from Ellesmere Port was convicted on two counts in Leeds after police said he attacked his wife with a hammer after they had an argument.

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