How Amazon’s Prime Air plug-in is a hit for Amazon’s competitors

Multi-Plug outlets are coming to Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire 2 and Fire TV 2, Amazon said Monday.

The plug-ins are intended for use in conjunction with other devices such as tablets and PCs.

Amazon announced the devices on Monday in a press release announcing the new Prime Air, a line of devices that are meant to provide the Amazon Echo smart speaker with more power than Amazon’s traditional speakers.

The new line of products are intended to complement Amazon’s Echo speaker lineup, which includes the Echo Dot and Echo Dot Plus.

Amazon said the products are compatible with Amazon’s HomePod smart speaker.

Multi-Pipeline plug-out products are designed to allow consumers to plug in multiple devices to power up multiple devices in parallel, Amazon told The Verge.

Multi Plug outlets will be available in the United States, the UK, Japan, Canada and Australia, according to Amazon.

In Canada, Amazon will also launch a series of products aimed at consumers, including the multi-plug outlet and multi-stream device.

The company will also offer a new $20 Prime Air accessory that offers a multi-channel, multi-pipe solution for $15 less than the Echo and Echo Plus.