How to fix tire plugs for Subaru WRX and STI

If you’re an owner of a Subaru WR or STI, you’ve probably noticed that you’re unable to turn the car on.

This is because the tire plugs are located in the center console, which means they are difficult to reach and turn off.

That’s why we’ve compiled an article that covers all the basic tools and techniques you’ll need to fix your Subaru.

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Remove the plugYou can either remove the tire plug directly from the rear of the car, or take the wheel off and remove it from the engine bay.

To do this, gently pull the steering wheel forward and out of the way until you can reach the tire.2.

Remove a small piece of metalIn most cases, you’ll just need to remove the rubber cover that holds the tire to the engine compartment.

This will be a small section of the wheel, which will need to be pulled out of its original position.3.

Check to make sure it’s plugged properlyIn most situations, it will be fine to just leave the tire in its original place and let it sit there.

However, if you have a tire that’s damaged, you may want to take it apart to be sure the tire is plugged properly.4.

Check the plug is in good shapeIf you have the tire plugged incorrectly, you can use a metal bar to test the plug.

Remove and test for loose plugs with a bar.

If it’s loose, it should be in good condition and should not require repair.5.

Remove plug and test againIf you still have a loose plug, it may be possible to return it to the car for a full replacement.

To perform this procedure, first place the tire onto the bar and turn the wheel to one side.

After the tire has been rotated, gently remove the wheel from the car and slide the tire back onto the tire bar.

Repeat this process with the next tire.

The rubber on the tire will feel tight as it rotates.

You should be able to see that the rubber is very soft.

If this is not the case, you’re likely missing the last of the tire’s rubber.6.

Remove tireIf you’ve already removed the wheel and replaced the tire, the rubber on your wheel will be softer.

If so, you need to test for the next set of plugs.

Simply take your wheel and try to push the rubber into the next plug.

This should feel soft.

You can also remove the last remaining plug by simply removing the wheel.

If you can’t push it in, it’s probably a loose tire plug.7.

Check tire for leaksYou can test for leaks using the wheel or a metal ruler.

You’ll want to be careful not to push any loose material down the wheel while testing.8.

Remove remaining plugYou should now have an area that is soft enough for a plug to slide in.

If your tire is not damaged, it shouldn’t need repair.

If you find that the tire doesn’t have a plug in place, you might be able find the problem with the engine by trying to remove it.

Pull the engine apart and turn it clockwise to test it.

You may be able see that it doesn’t need to move around, but it’s unlikely.9.

Clean tireThe wheel is a good choice for cleaning, but there are also some other tools that can help clean up the tire:A screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver are great for cleaning tire covers, or you can remove the cover itself.

You want to make certain you have all the parts in order before cleaning.

Once you’ve cleaned up the area, you should be free to remove any remaining plug.

The tire may need to have a little extra air drained from it to help clean it up.