How to Use the Brown Mucus Plug

Plug in a pair of ear plugs, one with a brown mucous plug and the other with a regular one, and you have a handy way to remove the excess of ear wax that’s clinging to your ears.

The brown mucuses plug, also called the “ear plug scupper plug,” works like a small extension cord.

The cord is attached to a small clip on the earplug, which is attached in the same way as an ear plug.

If you don’t have a black or white earplug in your ear, there’s also a black plug, which also fits into the same slot.

Plug in the black plug and then attach the white plug, and everything is good to go.

And if you have an extra earplug and need to remove some wax, you can use a toothbrush to apply the plug to the other ear.

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If you have to take the plug out, you’ll want to make sure you’re not wearing any earbuds or earmuffs.

The plug is designed to fit snugly over your ear canal, and it won’t let air out of your ears unless you’re wearing earbud or ear muffs.

This means that if you wear a pair that have been made for an earplug-less fit, you may need to put the plug back on after a few uses.

The plugs are also reusable.

You can use them for many different things, from cleaning your ears to wearing them in a workout or exercise class.