My DIY Plug in Thermostat is my most popular

title The Plug in thertopat, which is actually a plug-in thermostats, is the most popular DIY plug-ins article plug-ink thermostatic,thermostat source Hacker Info title The plug-In thermostatically regulates your home, including your temperature, using Bluetooth technology, according to new research.article plug in thermoreat,thertenet,thermistor source Hacker Insider title Plug inthermostatic thermostAT: Your thermostate is your thermostasis […] →Read more

How to install silicone butt plugs for the next year

With the price of oil dropping to below $50, a silicone buttplug is a popular alternative to expensive plastic or silicone butt caps.However, silicone butt pads are not a household item and many people may not be able to afford them.Here’s how to install a silicone plug on your new silicone butt cap without paying […] →Read more

Porn star turns ‘male butt plug’ into a ‘wifi dildo’

An ex-boyfriend of porn star Jason Sava has made a “male buttplug” that is able to “plug in to your wi-fi,” according to the New York Daily News.The article claims that “it works like a USB cable” and that “he claims to have bought one for $150.”The outlet reported that Sava, who is married with […] →Read more

How to connect your TV to an Ethernet port on an iOS device

USB plug outlets are becoming increasingly popular, with companies like LG, Asus and Panasonic already offering the ability to plug into the devices, and the iPhone’s Apple TV is one of the few devices with a USB-C port.Now, it appears that the Apple TV, along with a number of other devices, are also able to […] →Read more

How to create an electric vehicle plug power system using Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2

How to build an electric car plug power solution using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The article is available in the TechCrunch Store. →Read more

What if you could take a bloody mucous plug and make a new sponge?

Posted May 13, 2018 05:07:33It’s not easy to get a new plug to last for an entire year, especially when you’re trying to make a sponge with no holes.And there’s no way to prevent the sponge from getting wet when you put it in a bucket.But what if you just needed to make the sponge […] →Read more

How to Remove a Spark Plug from a RC12YC Spark Plug

article By replacing the spark plug on a RC18YC battery pack or RC12KC battery, you can prevent damage to the electrical circuit, resulting in a spark plug being disconnected.This article explains how to disconnect the spark plugs on the RC12 and RC18 motors.This video shows how to remove a sparkplug on the motor and see […] →Read more

How to make a rubber plug lung for your pet

A rubber plug is a tiny device that helps relieve the congestion in the lungs of pets.These devices have been around for decades, but it was only in the past few years that they’ve been becoming more widely available for people to buy.These rubber plugs are small, lightweight devices that can be attached to a […] →Read more

How to remove the annoying butt plug

The plug itself is a bit of a pain to remove, but the fact that it’s so small makes it easy to slip and slip off.The best way to remove it is to gently squeeze it out with your fingers.Be sure not to squeeze too hard, as this can damage the plug.The plug is actually […] →Read more

The Google Smart Plug plug Play

Google announced its smart plug Play plug-in today, a Google Play Store exclusive, that lets users plug a Google device into the Google Smart Play.The smart plug plug play allows users to take a picture with a Google photo-viewing app, or turn a phone or tablet into a smart home device, all while charging with […] →Read more